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Nationwide Warranty Conditions


Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty


The Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for 12 months or 20,000km whichever comes first*

If you are not satisfied with the job done, please take your car back to the Centre that originally did the work. If this is not possible, call our Administration Centre on 03 9566 5492 so that we can assist in finding the most convenient Repco Authorised Service Centre to help you.


Conditions of Warranty


◾You can make a claim under this warranty at Repco Authorised Service Centres throughout Australia.

◾Your warranty does not cover any consequential, indirect or incidental loss or damage, including towing, demurrage or loss of profits.

◾The warranty will apply where the vehicle has been used normally for its intended purpose and in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines, and has been properly maintained.

◾Warranty claims will not be accepted if incorrect or contaminated fuels, additives, lubricants or coolants have been used, or if the vehicle has been used in any motor sport competition or trial.

◾Warranty does not apply to adjustments made and parts used in the normal course of maintenance and normal wear and tear on parts of the vehicle.

◾Where the work done on your vehicle involves the supply of parts or services from a manufacturer or another service provider, then our warranty is limited to the maximum period allowed by them for their parts or services.

◾Warranty limitations apply to reclaimed, used, or reconditioned parts, or parts not supplied by the repairer. Warranty limitations also apply to all non-standard applications or partial repairs.

◾Any outside interference with the work carried out by the Repco Authorised Service Centre may void your warranty.

◾This warranty is not transferable.

◾In all cases, the responsibility for attending to, or accepting any claim lies with the workshop where the work was performed originally. That workshop may, at their discretion, authorise another workshop in the network to carry about warrantable repairs on their behalf where it is not practical to have the work carried out by the original Centre.


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